At Your Bidding
Jimmy's Sandwich Shop & Bakery Liquidation - August 29th 8:00PM EST

Item Description

AUCTION END DATE: Wednesday - August 29th @ 8pm EST

1900 Chamberlayne Ave
Richmond VA 23222
FRIDAY August 30th 10am-4pm

INSPECTION, PREVIEWS: We want you to get the best deal possible, and encourage you to inspect all items before bidding. Due to the amount of items we sell, we DO NOT have time to test everything. Due diligence belongs to the bidder.

WARRANTY, CONDITIONS & DESCRIPTIONS: All items are sold as-is, where-is, with no warranties expressed or implied. Please read the description & examine the photos when bidding. If there is any doubt when viewing an item, go by the description as photographs can sometimes be misleading or otherwise inaccurate. Most importantly, we encourage you to come preview the equipment before the end of the auction. Neither the auctioneer nor the seller makes any warranties or representations of any kind or nature with respect to said property. All sales are final.

PAYMENT: We accept Cash, VISA/MC, certified checks. At the conclusion of the auction, your credit card on file will be charged unless you have instructed us otherwise PRIOR to the sale. We require payment within 48 hours unless other arrangements are approved.

We charge a buyers premium of 15% and we offer a 3% discount for bidders paying with cash or check. If you bid $100, your total will be $115.00 after premium.

AUTO-EXTEND BIDDING: Our auctions feature a Simulated Live Auction Experience which features a staggered closing, auto-extend bidding, and bid notifications. This allows items to close at a pre-determined rate of 3-5 items for minute depending on the auction. When combined with auto-extend bidding, the closing time of individual lots will be extended when a bid is placed in the last 5 minutes of the auction. This allows you a chance to place a final bid on an item you may have otherwise missed, and closely simulates the "live auction experience".

SALES TAX: All lots are sold subject to Virginia State Sales Tax unless bidder has filled out a Virginia STATE SALES TAX EXEMPTION CERTIFICATE and has such certificate on file with Auctioneer.

PICKUP / REMOVAL: All items must be removed on specified removal dates. If someone else is picking your items up for you, they must have the invoice with them in order to remove the items. Bidders are responsible for all costs involved with removal of their purchases & any and all damages incurred during removal of purchases.

ABANDONED ITEMS: Any items not picked up on specified removal days or scheduled to ship may be discarded, removed, resold or stored at the sellers discretion. When you place a bid and are notified of winning an item with At Your Bidding, the item is now contractually yours and any fees associated with moving, removing, discarding, or collecting payment whether physical or legal are the responsibility of the bidder.

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1.Commercial Full Size Upright Electric Roll In Proofer w/ humidity Control
BRAND: Bakers Aid
SPECS: 115 Volt
2.60" Wide 2 Door Stainless Worktop Refrigerator on Casters w/ Stainless Top and Backsplash
BRAND: Delfield
SPECS: 115 Volt
3.12" Commercial Manual Deli Meat and Cheese Slicer w/ Sharpening Stone
BRAND: Berkel
MODEL: 827A-Plus
SPECS: 115 Volt
4.48" Wide Glass Dry Bakery Display Case w/ Shelves and Lights
BRAND: Federal
SPECS: 115 Volt
5.30" Wide Countertop Stainless Steel Ice Dispenser w/ Lid
6.40" Wide Curved Glass Refrigerated Display Case w/ Shelf and Rear Sliding Doors
BRAND: Spartan
SPECS: 115 Volt
7.60" Wide Refrigerated Open Air Beverage Case w/ Pastry Storage Above w/ Lights
BRAND: Arctica Showcase Company
MODEL: WB-SS-57-R3-00-L2-00
SPECS: 115 Volt
8.10' Long Stainless Steel Dirty Side Dish Table w/ Rinse Sink and hole of Garbage Disposal
9.Commercial Water Booster Heater
BRAND: Hatco
SPECS: 240 Volt - 1 Phase
10.1 Gallon Heavy Duty Commercial Blender/Food Processor w/ Stainless Pitcher and Lid - 4 Speed
BRAND: Waring
SPECS: 115 Volt
11.Commercial Heavy Duty Food Processor - No Blades
BRAND: Robot Coupe
MODEL: R4X Series D
SPECS: 115 Volt
12.Commercial Electric 40 Quart Jacketed Tilt Kettle
BRAND: Groen
SPECS: 208 Volt - 1 Phase
13.71" Wide Upright Multiple Shelf Open Air Refrigerated Merchandiser Display w/ Lights
BRAND: Federal Industries
SPECS: 208-240 Volt 1 Phase
14.3 Burner 36" Wide Flat Top Thermostat Controlled Griddle - Natural Gas
BRAND: Toastmaster
15.36" Wide 6 Burner Natural Gas Range w/ Stainless Overshelf
BRAND: Imperial
SPECS: Natural Gas
16.Heavy Duty Commercial Food Processor - 1.5 hp - No Blades
BRAND: Robot Coupe
SPECS: 115 Volt
17.72" Wide Upright Refrigerated Open Air Merchandiser Display w/ Stainless Steel Shelves and Lights
BRAND: RPI Industries
SPECS: 208Volt - 1 Phase
19.59" Wide Double Door Refrigerated Beer Box w/ Stainless Steel Top
SPECS: 115 Volt
20.60" Wide 4 Bay Electric Steam Table on Casters w/ Fold Down Tray Holder
BRAND: Bastian
MODEL: 477
SPECS: 120 Volt - 4000 Watt
21.Countertop Electric Food Warmer Dispaly w/ Rear Door
BRAND: Benchmark
MODEL: 51040
SPECS: 120 Volt - 600 Watt
22.40lb Natural Gas Commercial Deep Fryer on Casters - Very Clean
BRAND: Imperial
SPECS: 105,000 BTU
23.5 Pan Commercial Stainless Steel Natural Gas Countertop Steamer Convection
BRAND: Cleveland
SPECS: 120 Volt - 70,000 BTU
24.Commercial Turbo Microwave Convection Programmable Oven
BRAND: Turbochef
SPECS: 208/240 Volt -1 Phase - 30 Amp
25.Countertop 20" Wide Glass Food Display Case - 2 Doors on Rear
26.Commercial Programmable Convection Microwave w/ Digital Controls
BRAND: MerryChef
SPECS: 208 Volt - 1 Phase 30 Amps
27.Countertop Electric Glass Door Fold Down Door Convection Oven w/ Shelves
BRAND: Equipex
SPECS: 208/240 Volt -1 PHase - 29amp
28.Stainless Steel Round Pan
29.Ice Cube Trays
30.Lot of Stainless Ramekins
31.Misc. Pitchers
32.Silverware Holders
33.1/3 Clear Plastic Pans
35.Lot of 3 Clear Plastic containers w/ Lids - 6 Quart
36.Square Heavy Duty Plastic Food Storage containers
37.Lot of Strainers
38.Lot of Misc. Containers
39.Bread Pans
40.Lot of 12" x 18" Sheet Cake Pans - Aluminum
41.Napkin Dispenser
42.Lot of Misc. Coffee Mugs
43.Lot of Strainers
44.Lot of 2 Booster Seats
45.Lot of Colanders
46.Lot of Misc.Pans and Grill Scrapers
47.Fryer Strainers
48.Lot of 2 Full Size Stainless Perforated Sheet Pans
49.NEW Squeegee Head
50.Lot of Stainless Steel Portion Scoops
51.Lot of Misc. Ramekins
52.Countertop Refrigerated Red Bull Cooler
53.Lot of 1/6 Clear Plastic Pans
54.Lot of 1/6 Clear Plastic Pans
55.Lot of 1/6 Clear Plastic Pans
56.Lot of Clear Plastic Pans
57.Stainless Steel 1/3 Pans
58.Lot of 1/6 Clear Plastic Pans
59.Pizza Cutters
60.Lot of 4 Clear Plastic Food Storage Containers
61.Lot of 1/6 Stainless Steel Pans w/ Some Lids
62.Lot of 1/6 Stainless Steel Pans
63.Lot of 1/6 Stainless Steel Pans
64.Lot of 1/6 Clear Plastic Pans
65.Lot of 4 Clear Plastic Food Storage Containers
66.2 Wall Mount Napkin Dispensers
67.Long Stainless Steel Liquor Speed rail
68.Lot of 3 Wire Bagel Baskets